When turning on the gas stove, the flame could be red why?

Red flame depends on the composition of the hydrocarbons in the gas. The more Hidrokarbon can cause red colored flame.

Why is hard to turn on a gas stove?

Sometimes the air is needed to light a fire caught in the gas pipeline. The solution is to hold / press the starter knob longer before turning the knob.

How do I avoid gas leaks and prevent a fire hazard?
  1. Make sure the rubber gas hose connected well with the gas regulator , tube and a gas stove . Pits the two ends of the gas hose with hose clamps .
  2. Use the gas hose from the bite resistant mice and ISO-standard , avoid using water hoses and other hoses that do not comply with the recommendation .
  3. Make sure the knob is in the "OFF" position when the fire is not lit .
  4. Perform routine checks on the gas hose , it is recommended every day .
  5. Keep objects / flammable liquids from a gas stove .

In the event of a leak , would the typical smell of LPG , LPG gas density due to two times heavier than air , it will not evaporate but flows out along the floor .

The following actions can be performed :

1 . Open doors and windows to allow air to flow properly .
2 . Avoid light the fire .
3 . Avoid turning on switch / electrical switch or lamp because it can trigger sparks .
4 . Remove the gas tube into the open if a gas leak is occurring .
5 . Avoid indiscriminate fire lit , before the room completely free of gas leaks . 

What about the body temperature of a gas stove hock, if it feels hot after long cooking?

- Hock gas stove have passed ISO certification (Indonesian National Standard), so that the body remains safe to touch and heat away from the dangerous to the skin. Our tests prove to ME-100 body temperature is 350C New - 470C and ME-120 New is 370C - 550C. 

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